Day two of my road trip….

I have been on a few mini road trips since I last posted. Detroit was the most recent. I hope to get back there some time soon. I wanted to go see some things but I didn’t make it.

Day two of my trip to Newfoundland. Working out how this is all going to work out. I have a new roof rack on my jeep. The intention is for me to sleep in the back of the jeep. Last night was good. My challenge has been knowing where I have put what. I have 6 bins. One is the food. The other is kitchen/camp site type gear. Then I have warmer clothing in one and light tops and personals in the other. I have one bin that just has books. Reading, writing, some CD’s, etc. That one does not go up on the rack!!


Found out that the two step, stepladder, is not tall enough. I have had to bring along the three step one. The front edge of the bins that were in the rack for the first part of my drive are covered in bug guts. Guess what?!? Forgot the lysol wipes. Dish soap and paper towels it is.


So, random and unnecessary worry I am sure: if I keep all my gear in the jeep and tour around the area, leaving nothing at my campsite, will they think I have left and give my spot away?!?! The thoughts that go through my head sometimes.


I managed to leave Toronto by 830 yesterday. I arrived here at 7 pm. Long drive. I did stop at least six times. Gased up twice (what is the right way to say that? My spell check says Gased is not right?). I didn’t pay attention to how far I have driven. I am curious but… Before I leave here I could get the info off my brand new Tom Tom GPS?!?! Not to self, check that out.


I have managed to take over 150 pics. Some of that is experimenting. I am now checking out taking pictures with low light. Longer shutter speed etc. I did a brief night shot of the full; moon with my son Michael Schart before we left. BTW, it was excellent to point out I needed to bring bug spray and dress for the woods!! We forgot when we went out to the bluffs to take the pics. We stayed maybe 15 minutes. The mosquitoes were horrible! There are five pics but it wouldn’t upload the other two. It doesn’t help that I am out in the boon docks using a rogers internet stick.

I will put up more pics I have taken in another blog.


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