Changing the tires on my baby…

My baby, in case you have missed it earlier, is my Jeep. It is a 2010 4 door, Sport Wrangler. I have both the soft and hard top for it.

A while ago I got new floor mats and weather guard thingys for around the windows. This week, I have to get new tires.

Had these installed by Mr. Lube

Had these installed by Mr. Lube

Last week on my return from Guelph I had a flat. Not real explanation why. Nothing was in the tire. I did notice a few other people at the side of the road changing flats that day though. Thank you for CAA. Admittedly, the first guy wasn’t so helpful but the second guy made sure things were taken care of and I was able to get home that evening. Three hours later then I had expected but that was OK because I had nothing I had to deal with the next day. Especially since I was off to London, ON, that Saturday to see my mother for Easter!

So, when he got the tire off and replaced it with the full sized spare my Jeep carries (thank you!), I was able to look at it and see that it is definitely worn. Time to replace all the tires. Well, all but the spare. We will put that back on as a spare. Keep the other four even.

Now, I didn’t know that ideally, your tires should be rotated every 10, 000 km. Really?!?! That is like every other oil change! Sigh. OK, add that to the maintenance to do list for my baby!



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