Where has the time gone…

So, I last posted that I was off to Niagara Falls for some relaxing and some business promotion.

So, that was, two weeks ago. Sigh. So much has happened.

My photo taking in Niagara didn’t go as well as I was hoping but I learned some things about myself and was reminded of other things. My friends with me were tolerant but I realized I wanted to be doing these things on my own. My business keeps me around people a lot being very social, etc. So the discovery is, my photography is my solo activity that engages my brain away form my business. Cool. I can work with that.

My best photo from Behind The Falls

Hanging out Behind the Falls. Not a photo of the falls but that is OK.

Behind the falls…. even though we were off season and some of the first people there, there were still school groups and lots of others. Nothing was quiet and lots of moving bodies. I have one picture that I like. One that was hilarious. I set my camera for too long an exposure. Sigh.

Practice shutter speeds...

I really should have practiced more. The time was way longer then I expected….


I will put up some of the others on the next blog.

After the falls we did the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory. Again, I learned something. Going from the colder air in to a tropical environment, your lenses fog up. Sigh. Patience little one, the lense will clear. Which it did. Then I had to learn to just stop chasing the butterflies. I had been told by my Photographer son Michael J. Schart and Gerrard to use one of the other settings rather then full manual, but, I forgot. So, lesson, need to practice more, not when I am with company that may want to move on, and especially when I am not ‘concerned’ about getting great pictures.

Having said that, I did get some really nice pics. They have inspired me to look up other Butterfly and/or botanical gardens closer to home, etc. I plan on getting a membership at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. It is only about an hour away. I nice relaxing afternoon away from the hustle and bustle.

Here is one of my favorite pics from the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory:

Getting close up

This is the reason I got my 40 mm. Force me to get up close. Cool!


So, we were there from Thursday to Sunday. After most of the others went home two of us took our time. Took a turn around the whirlpool and visited the souvenir shop there. Most everything is still closed but I can imagine it is going to get busy soon. No real buds on the trees yet either.

Yesterday I did go to Edwards Gardens in Toronto. At least, that is how I know them. The web search shows they are The Toronto Botanical Gardens. We just strolled around (my photographer son and I). He showed me some things, complimented me on some things (yes!!), and we both got some interesting pictures. More in another post.

A fence at the gardens

Perspective. Exposure. Composition. What makes a good pic.

So to summarize, learning as I go. Finding time when I can. Oh, and the reason I started this blog, my trip to Newfoundland! More planning! I could be on the road for at least four weeks at this rate!! Another friend got me looking at trailers for my Jeep! With built in tent, etc. Yes please!


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