Taking care of my baby! My Jeep that is!

So, when I got back from my DC trip this past Monday I had to take the Jeep for a tire rotation, oil change, and to replace the bulb for the left front head light. Experience has been that I really can’t shouldn’t run my jeep over the 500 kilometers before the next oil change. I always drive before the two month period they give when you should go in.

My wonderful piece of Heaven!

My wonderful piece of Heaven!

It is a 2010 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Four doors as you can see. I have the soft top for it as you can see as well as the panel hard top. This picture is from my road trip to visit my son in Missoula, Montana a number of years ago. He was attending the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. He did really well and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting him. His class mates were great and the country side.

You can check out his work on Flickr here. He has donated three prints to Lake Skugog Camp. You can see them as part of his Facebook photos. Lake Scugog Camp, is a great place in need of your support. You can order a ticket online here. The prizes consist of several travel vouchers for locations of your choice, Custom Closet design and installation by Canadian Closet, Toronto and Michael’s prints.



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