Lake Scugog Camp Lottery, 2014

My other best friend Keith Beckles came to me earlier this year and said he wanted to help raise money for a Camp that he worked at many years ago (I’m being nice….)! A camp I thought, aren’t there many of those?!?! I was involved in Scouting for many years with my boys. The same in many ways. Yet, I know, that they aren’t being supported as well as they have been. Yet, they make such a difference. A safe active environment for kids to explore and be away from mom and dad and be busy enough and having fun to it adds to their day, summer and generally their lives.


The thing is, it is just your regular camp. Keith had forgotten to mention it but when I got to the Launch party and listened to Dana those thoughts of same old, same old vanished. Lake Scugog Camp is not just for your kids. Yes they help youth. They have a program for kids that have come up through as campers can also be leaders. But, the support doesn’t end there, they are in contact throughout the winter as well. Be encouraged and believed in to meet goals and achieve successes. She couldn’t count the number of times she heard from referring agencies how different the youth were after returning from Lake Scugog Camp.

Scugog Lake Camp Director

Scugog Lake Camp Director


That isn’t everything though. They also have weeks that are for mother’s and their children as well. For some children this is the only supervised visit they will get in the year with their mother. The mothers receive support, encouragement, and community. The children get an opportunity to see and be a part of something more then what the may experience on a day to day basis. Personally, if I see it is possible, I can strive to get it.

The children learn to swim, canoe, write and read if they need the support. The live with structure and smaller groups with more one on one time with caring and talented staff.

Dana has made Lake Camp Scugog one of the most consistent and reliable experiences for children and youth. Something that they can count on. She has helped with all the supporters, staff to give a safe haven and hope in a some times challenging world.

I’m glad that Keith came to me about the Lottery for Lake Scugog Camp. I’m glad My friend Raquel of Raquel on Route, myself and Canadian Closet, Toronto and my son Michael J. Schart Photography were able to donate awesome prizes.

Please, buy a ticket now! Lottery ends May 30, 2014. Details are on the page.


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