Is it just me…

Maps. I like maps. I think they are the greatest thing. Seeing where you are going. Mapping it out. The whole nine yards. Yet, I get so disappointed and frustrated. Stuff is missing it seems, they are inaccurate, misleading, etc. etc. Now, agreed, maybe it is user error versus product error. Hence the frustration. Yet, I continue to use them and moan about them.

Today, I will share my grumbles about the Google map that I had printed out for my trip down to Washington DC. It looked simple and straight forward on the computer screen. I selected to print it out, step by step (at least, I think that is what it is supposed to be!!). I don’t know whose steps. Or what size steps. I got turned around. Ended up somewhere I didn’t think I was headed for. Generally, relied heavily on signage (not always accurate) and blind luck. For the most part, if I was headed generally south I was fine. I would sort it out when I got in the ball park. There had to be signs!!!

I ended up breaking down and turning on the Maps feature on my phone. I am not a fan of GPS because, they take you on some funny routes. It isn’t always the most efficient, safe, smartest, best route but you have no choice if you can’t see the big picture and you are somewhere you haven’t been before.

I made it though. Stressed. Less then a quarter tank of gas. But, before dinner and free parking! Breathe! You can use the WiFi at the hotel to sort it out later! Well, maybe not. As I mention in my other post, don’ t count on the WiFi here.

I found the Google Map directions that I printed out, weren’t clear, missed steps, and again, without the bigger picture….

I did pick up  Rand McNally later and another for walking around Washington DC by Map Easy. I love the paper (more like fabric!) that it is printed on. Now, I think both of these companies make a lovely map. The are for different purposes and that is great. I get that things are constantly changing. Yet, hard to read, and not all things labeled is a problem. I managed really well with my Map Easy map. The Rand McNally, I think they want me to use their GPS and software rather then the hard copy. Sigh.

I there is ever a day when we try to go completely without books I think I will have a very difficult time. I do read digital books but I still love the solid feeling of a hard copy! I digress though.

All I can say is, good thing my friend showed up with the GPS (despite its issues).


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