Snow storm, really?!?

I anticipated arriving home at midnight last night. Then it got moved to 2 am. In actuality, 6:20 am, I stumbled in to my room and laid my head on my pillow. Groan! Absolutely love it! Lol

We stopped for fresh bagels, we stopped at the outlet mall, then we stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore. So far, so good! Wait, 2 hrs away, in Philadelphia is another Hard Rock Cafe! Onward!!! It’s kind of on the way! Lol, again.

We stop for lunch at a Joe’s Crab Shack, absolutely awesome, thanks to Heather! She gave Raquel a quick lesson on opening up the lobster to eat it! I have a short video to post later!

Should have checked sooner! After Philadelphia we find out we still have 8 and a half hours to go!! Lol, again! Seriously, I’m loving it but no time to waste. We just have to come back to find Rockies stairs and statue. But, we did drive through the intersection from the Will Smith movie, I will post the name later!!

Btw. I’m getting an oil change and tire rotation at Mr. Lube on Kennedy in TO as I type this up. Great guys here!

So, easy, straight 8 plus hour drive home, no problem, right?!?! We let the GPS do its thing….lol, not always the best choice. Just a few Tolls?!? No problem, it is the faster route. Well, faster I’m not sure, pricey it was.

We ended up spending over $20 in tolls to get home last night. Ouch! Cheaper then flying! Look for the plus!!

Still, all good. I love driving, gas tank is full (a couple times!), everything runs fine, nothing urgent for us to get back to…. oh dear, a snow storm. who knew?!? We are in the mountains! No biggy.

Snow plows, people in the ditch, four ways being used by so many. I have a Jeep. Four wheel drive. Slow and steady. We are doing fine. What…break lights! A whole long line! Both lanes! A bigger accident. On I81 at exit 61. Backed up for miles!!!

2 and a half hours later…. I have some pics and video from that wait! The snow did stop by the time we were moving!! Silver lining again!

On I81 video

A great adventure! I love my life!!


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