My solo day in Washington, DC

With my two camera’s in hand, I ventured out. True, it was drizzling and reported to continue so for the rest of the day but I was determined to get pictures. It is one of the main reasons I was here.


OK, no Cherry Blossom pictures. Not by me. Not from around the Tidal Basin.

There are so many maps of the area...

There are so many maps of the area…

I was on Water Street. OK, quick note, not the best hotel (Channel Inn). Area is under construction. The hotel is worn out. The staff do their best but not the most ambitious. The Wifi, none existent! BUT, the price was right, free parking, close to everything! I was there for three nights, had a water view (get the view!!) for just over $400 dollars. A steal in Washington DC proper.

So, I was a short walk to the Tidal Basin. Where all the Cherry Trees are. With, Cherry Blossoms, well, not yet. That is OK. I make do. I take pictures anyway! I keep walking. The rain picks up, then it slows down. All good.

There are plenty of other pics. With a two digital camera’s you can’t help but shoot lots of pics. Most of them, not so good. These are what I would call, my ‘tourist’ photos. Telling what I say, liked, or did. I have others that are more what I call artsy pics. That is a nice way to refer to my playing and trying different things.


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